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June 22, 2010
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Water Financing Provision Remains Under Consideration in the Senate

The Sustainable Water Infrastructure Investment Act of 2010, S. 3262 and H.R. 537, remains under consideration in the U.S. Senate as leaders work tirelessly to identify 60 votes needed for passage of an amended version of the broader tax extenders package, H.R. 4213. The water proposal that would allow for increased infrastructure investment has already passed the U.S. House of Representatives twice this year.

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EPA Approves Alternative Test Procedures

EPA is approving 12 alternative test procedures for contaminants listed in the drinking water regulations. These procedures have been determined by EPA to be as effective as the methods already established in the regulations for the same contaminants. EPA has used its streamlined approval authority to make these 12 alternative methods available for determining contaminant concentrations in samples collected under the Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA).

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Best Practices Added to NAWC’s Website

The NAWC Regulatory Program serves as a clearinghouse for information on regulatory best practices. As part of this effort, NAWC has posted information on a number of regulatory best practices and noted which states have implemented those practices.

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American States Water Company Announces Agreement to Sell Arizona Utility

American States Water Company announced that it has entered into a Stock Purchase Agreement with EPCOR Water (USA) Inc. to sell all of the common shares of Chaparral City Water Company for an estimated total purchase price of $35 million, including the assumption of approximately $6 million of long-term debt.

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Federal Court Dismisses Suit Against Aqua America

The United States District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia has dismissed a complaint filed by a customer of Aqua America’s Land Or Utility Company, alleging, inter alia, breach of contract and violations of the antitrust acts (apparently stemming from the Virginia State Corporation Commission’s approval of the merger of all of Aqua America’s regulated water and wastewater utilities in Virginia into a single entity).

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