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The National Association of Water Companies Announces Aqua Pennsylvania as 2013 Management Innovation Awards Winner


The National Association of Water Companies (NAWC) announced the winner of the NAWC Management Innovation Awards at its 2013 Water Summit. Aqua Pennsylvania, Inc. received the 2013 honor for its Electricity Load Response Programs.

“The 2013 Management Innovation Awards provide an opportunity to highlight innovative work that is benefitting the communities our members serve and the water industry at large,” said Michael Deane, executive director of the NAWC. “Each entry demonstrates the integral role of the private water industry in shaping the future of water management and we are pleased to recognize Aqua Pennsylvania for this significant contribution.”

For nearly 40 years, the NAWC Management Innovation Awards have offered a unique opportunity for members of the NAWC to be recognized for moving water forward through groundbreaking advances in customer education programs, strategic management plans, technological advancements and community support efforts, among other areas. This year, nine entries were submitted, spanning a wide range of categories, including customer service, infrastructure, community service, environment and technology. More on the 2013 winning entry below:

Aqua America Chairman and CEO Nicholas DeBenedictis said, “I am proud that we are aggressively working to reduce Aqua’s electric costs, which is a benefit to our customers.  We are not only realizing direct savings of more than $500,000 to the company, we are also doing our part in helping to stabilize the electric grid when it is stressed by high demand during those very hot summer days.”

Prize Winner: Aqua Pennsylvania, Inc.
Maximizing Performance in Electricity Load Response Programs: 
By incorporating a real-time electric demand monitoring system into its control center, Aqua is optimizing performance in electricity load response programs at 16 water treatment plants and pumping stations. This is benefiting customers by offsetting larger amounts of its electricity expenses. The improved monitoring and recording technology is a solution that can be easily adopted and duplicated at other companies, and is a great example of how innovation can address a variety of resources, including electric power.

About the NAWC Water Summit
The NAWC Water Summit is the annual gathering of water professionals hosted by the National Association of Water Companies (NAWC).  The event provides a dynamic forum for government officials, leaders in the water industry and other key stakeholders to exchange ideas, learn from one another and share solutions that sustain businesses and communities. The theme of the 2013 NAWC Water Summit – Public Service & Private Enterprise: Bold Discussions. Real Solutions. – highlights the importance of public-private collaboration in the water industry, as well as innovative approaches and critical solutions to issues faced by communities, such as aging water infrastructure.

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