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Private Water Solutions

Private water companies safeguard public health, promote environmental stewardship and deliver sustainable solutions in more than 40 countries. In the United States alone, these reliable water and wastewater service providers support the needs of nearly 73 million people every day. That's almost one quarter of our nation's population.

Private water companies provide a broad range of solutions to the communities they serve. The experience and expertise they apply can have a profound impact on people, businesses and the environment.

Solutions may include:

  • Working with municipalities to help improve operations and management while reducing exposure to risk
  • Maintenance and management of water and wastewater treatment infrastructure
  • Helping to ensure water quality and compliance with the Clean Water Act and Safe Drinking Water Act
  • Design and implementation of water reuse technology for a more sustainable future
  • Watershed and water source protection to help ensure water quality as well as adequate water supply

Private water companies are specialists and this focus contributes directly to their role as innovation drivers and agents of change. The advantages offered by these companies may include:

  • Access to dedicated professionals with diverse experience in a range of fields
  • Unparalleled commitment to innovation and the development of solutions that benefit current and future generations
  • Access to financial resources and equipment to help close funding gaps
  • Access to world-class laboratories and testing facilities to help ensure quality
  • More efficient use of natural resources
  • Application of best practices in asset management to derive the most out of existing resources

To learn more about the solutions our members are providing, visit Our Solutions.

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