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Conservation and Sustainability

We are making a difference for the environment.

For private water companies, sustainability is essential. Fact is, private water companies are helping to lead the way on water conservation with green, energy-saving initiatives that will make a difference for the communities they serve.

From Connecticut to California, our members are engaging customers from every generation about the importance of protecting natural resources and the environment. Many member utilities are partners in the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's WaterSense® program and offer free educational tools to schools and water-wise fixtures to households and businesses. Water professionals know that it's often the simplest of actions, like brushing your teeth without the water running and fixing pesky leaks, that can do the most good.

San Jose Water
San Jose, California

With water resources diminishing and consumer demands on the rise, everyone can be doing their part to conserve precious water. The San Jose Water Company has been working for almost two decades to provide its customers with information, services and materials to make their homes and businesses more water efficient.

The heart of the company's engagement program is a free water audit service, where inspectors educate consumers on how to read their own water meter to raise awareness of water usage and possible leaks, identify leaky or inefficient fixtures and appliances, and install free low-flow shower heads and faucet aerators.

San Jose Water Company serves more than one million people, and this conservation program is making a lasting impact on the environment and on their customers, who are seeing lower bills by doing their part to preserve water resources.

Aquarion Water
Bridgeport, Connecticut

Individuals, families and a wide array of businesses rely on private service providers to solve various water challenges. When a local hospital made a commitment to be the first hospital in Connecticut to "go green," it called in the sustainability experts at the local private water utility for help.

Working with Aquarion Water Company, St. Vincent's Medical Center reviewed its materials use and launched its "Go with the Flow" campaign, which halted all on-site plastic water bottle sales. By turning to the tap at convenient Aquarion drinking water stations throughout the medical facility, hospital administrators predict they will prevent the harmful environmental impact of adding 350,000 plastic bottles to landfills every year.

Aquarion President and CEO Chuck Firlotte said, "The treatment, testing and quality requirements for tap water are much more stringent than those for the bottled product. Our water's passes 13,000 tests a year."

California Water Service Company
San Jose, California

While conserving water resources is a good idea no matter where you live, California's combination of unpredictable rainfall and a growing population makes conservation critical now and into the future. The California Water Service Company (Cal Water) views water conservation as a critical aspect of their obligation to the nearly 500,000 customers they serve.

To this end, the employees of Cal Water work tirelessly to reduce water leaks in the distribution system. They do it through regular maintenance and upgrades to the critical infrastructure that carries water from their reservoirs to homes and businesses across their service area, and they are committed to educating customers about conservation. The company provides free "Conservation Kits" to its customers, and each kit includes low-flow appliances and fixtures. The company also offers a robust series of school education programs and materials to educate even their youngest consumers.

A page on the Cal Water website is dedicated to helping customers use water wisely, including how they can save money or even receive cash-back for purchasing water-saving household appliances or commercial equipment.

Click here to download a PDF of this case study featuring images of the projects detailed within.

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