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Climate Change

Our climate is changing and with it our world. And while many of the ramifications of climate change  including its scope and speed  remain the subject of much discussion, there is no doubt that the world of future generations will be different than this one.

Changes in climate, including changes in temperature, precipitation and other environmental variables, can greatly affect the quality and quantity of available resources, including water. Moving water greater distances consumes more energy and the economic impact of more costly water can negatively impact communities and businesses.

In California, regions dependent on winter snowpack in the Sierras for water supply during warmer months will continue to experience challenges depending on winter precipitation. As temperatures rise, the situation becomes more critical.

Climate change presents challenges, but there are solutions to be harnessed in the form of wise water use, conservation education and the efficient management of resources through innovative technology.

To learn more about the impact of climate change on water, click here.

Water Challenges

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