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Health and Environment

Quality of life is directly related to quality of water. Not just because clean water is tested and treated to make it safer to drink by removing potentially harmful contaminants, but because an adequate supply of clean water is critical for agriculture and business, and better for the environment.

While considerable progress is being made, more than 884 million people throughout the world still lack access to safe drinking water.

Aging infrastructure and too much pressure on resources can make the treatment and delivery of safe water challenging. In communities across the country, treatment plants, pipes and technology are still being used sometimes decades past their prime. That can result in the inefficient operation of systems, water loss, and the contamination of drinking water and ecosystems.

Private water companies are investing in their systems and sophisticated testing technology to make a difference today and for years to come. And as sustainable solutions such as water reuse and desalination become more widespread, we must work to ensure that treated water and its byproducts are safe for the environment.

Federal and state water quality standards have evolved over time and NAWC members have played an important role in their establishment by working closely with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and other organizations. Private water companies are often hired specifically to address a municipality's past compliance issues, and an overwhelming number of projects that are privately managed are 100 percent compliant with the Clean Water Act and the Safe Drinking Water Act. These Acts are helping to make sure that all communities are provided with access to safe and reliable drinking water and wastewater services, regardless of size and how much money they have. 

Wherever there is water there is an opportunity to make a difference for public health and the environment.

To learn more, including what our members are doing to support public health and environmental stewardship, click here.

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