Active Members

Our Active Member Water Companies

American Water

  • California American Water
  • Illinois American Water
  • Indiana American Water
  • Iowa American Water
  • Kentucky American Water
  • Maryland American Water
  • Michigan American Water
  • Missouri American Water
  • New Jersey American Water
  • New York American Water
  • Pennsylvania American Water
  • Tennessee American Water
  • Virginia American Water
  • West Virginia American Water

Aqua America

  • Aqua Illinois, Inc.
  • Aqua Indiana, Inc.
  • Aqua New Jersey, Inc.
  • Aqua North Carolina, Inc.
  • Aqua Ohio, Inc.
  • Aqua Pennsylvania, Inc.
  • Aqua Texas, Inc.
  • Aqua Virginia, Inc.

Aquarion Water Company

  • Aquarion Water Company of Connecticut
  • Aquarion Water Company of Massachusetts
  • Aquarion Water Company of New Hampshire

Arizona Water

Artesian Water Company

  • Artesian Water Maryland
  • Artesian Water Pennsylvania
  • Artesian Water Company

Baton Rouge Water Company

Beckley Water Company

California Water Service Group

Central States Water Resources

Chaparral City Water Company

Columbia Water Company

East Pasadena Water Company

EPCOR Water Arizona

EPCOR Water New Mexico

Golden State Water Company

Gordon’s Corner Water Company

GW Resources

Hazardville Water Company


Jewett City Water

Liberty Utilities

Middlesex Water Company

  • Tidewater Utilities, Inc.

Milford Water Company

Newtown Artesian Water Company

Northwest Natural

Parkland Utilities

Peoples Water Service Company

Pluris Holdings, LLC.

Rainbow Water Company

San Gabriel Valley Water Company

SJW Group

  • Connecticut Water
  • Maine Water
  • San Jose Water

SouthWest Water Company

  • Kiawah Island
  • Southwest Water Utilities
  • Suburban Water Systems
  • Monarch Utilities
  • Ni America Texas
  • Oregon Water Utilities

Sussex Shores Water Company

Torrington Water Company

Twin Lakes Water Works Corporation

Utilities, Inc.

  • Bermuda Water Company
  • Blue Granite Water Company
  • Carolina Water Service of North Carolina
  • Carolina Water Service of South Carolina
  • College Utilities Corporation
  • Community Utilities of Florida
  • Community Utilities of Georgia
  • Community Utilities of Indiana
  • Community Utilities of Louisiana
  • Community Utilities of Maryland
  • Community Utilities of Pennsylvania
  • Corix Utilities
  • Golden Heart Utilities
  • Great Basin Water Company
  • Massanutten Public Service Corporation
  • Montague Water Company
  • Tennessee Water Service
  • Utilities Services of Illinois
  • Water Service Corporation of Kentucky

Valley Water Systems

Veolia North America

  • Veolia Bethel
  • Veolia Delaware
  • Veolia Idaho
  • Veolia New Jersey
  • Veolia New York
  • Veolia Pennsylvania
  • Veolia Rhode Island

Whitinsville Water Company

York Water Company