The intent of the Texas Chapter of NAWC is to provide a unified voice for all of the regulated water/wastewater companies in the state, both large and small.  The Chapter’s goal is to seek membership from not only the larger water and wastewater companies, but also to expand our membership to include companies with as few as 500 customers. This Chapter will help regulated water and wastewater companies in Texas jointly address the various issues that impact our industry as a whole.

Current Officers:

President: Bob Laughman, Aqua Texas
Treasurer: Tom Hodge, San Jose Water Texas
Secretary: Darrin Barker, Corix Texas
Executive Director: Jim Grace

The Board of Directors for the Texas Chapter:

  • Bob Laughman, Aqua Texas
  • Jeff McIntyre, SouthWest Water Company
  • Darrin Barker, Corix Texas
  • Tom Hodge, San Jose Water Texas
  • Shelley Young, Water Engineers

Please contact Bob Laughman at RLLaughman@aquaamerica.com for more information or for membership inquiries.