Customer Experience

The Customer Experience Committee highlights the importance of the relationships between the utility providers and their customers. Focusing on policies, technologies and training, members establish communications tools and procedures to promote efficient and consistent customer service.

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The Committee facilitates information sharing among members and with NAWC staff in an effort to document and promote the robust record of customer-centric policies, programs and activities spearheaded by private water companies. The goal of these activities is to assist in the development of a positive, data-driven narrative about this record and leverage it as part of ongoing advocacy, interactions with regulators, and related activities focused on bolstering growth opportunities for members.

To accomplish these goals, the Committee:

  • Educates the Board and NAWC membership about innovations in improving the overall customer experience;
  • Guides discussions among members regarding effective strategies and approaches for better serving customers by leveraging new technologies, developing innovative programs and offerings, and other such actions.
  • Facilitates information sharing among members and with staff in an effort to inform the development of a positive narrative about the success of private water vis-à-vis customer satisfaction;
  • Creates mechanisms for gathering data from members regarding customer sentiment towards private water and using that information to inform NAWC’s advocacy efforts;
  • Researches policies, technologies and training to assist members in establishing communications tools and procedures to promote efficient and consistent customer service;
  • Monitors the Association’s communications, public relations, and advocacy efforts to ensure that they are effectively communicating the narrative;
  • Identifies best practices regarding how to leverage track records in an effort to enhance advocacy and public relations at the state, local and federal levels;
  • Coordinates with other NAWC Standing Committees to achieve the association’s mission.


Chair: Douwe Busschops, Director, Customer Experience, SUEZ North America

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Donald Morrissey, President, Aquarion Water Company

Nicholle Taylor, President, Artesian Water Company

Regina Cullado, Customer Service Manager, Golden State Water Company

Yimi Kierman, Sr Director, Customer Experience and Major Accounts, American Water

Marie LeBlanc, Director of Customer Engagement, Baton Rouge Water Company

Georgetta Parisi, Vice President, Customer Operations, Aqua America

Linda Schnaufer, Customer Service Director, Utilities, Inc.

Lucy A. Teixeira, Vice President, Administration, Aquarion Water Company