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NAWC to Participate in Aspen Institute’s Water Roundtable Series

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PHILADELPHIA (September 17, 2021) –The National Association of Water Companies (NAWC) will participate in a series of Water Roundtables hosted by the Aspen Institute’s Energy and Environment Program and the Nicholas Institute for Environmental Policy Solutions at Duke University. 

The Aspen Institute’s Water Roundtables series will formally begin November 9-10 in Washington, DC, and will feature thought leadership and support from partnerships with the US Water Alliance and the Environmental Policy Innovation Center. The series’ goal in convening water industry leaders and stakeholders is to produce a shared set of guiding principles and a policy agenda that outlines what affordable and equitable water access looks like and the specific practices, legislation, regulations, or executive orders necessary to advance this shared vision. 

April Ballou, NAWC’s General Counsel and VP of State Regulatory Affairs, will represent NAWC at the Roundtables and share the Association’s work on affordability and water equity issues.

“Collaborating with community members, policy makers, and thought leaders in the water space is essential to making inroads on water equity,” said Ballou. “That is why NAWC is pleased to be participating in this series of roundtables. Throughout this event, I look forward not only to sharing the great work that our water companies have done to address affordability challenges, but also to learning and hearing fresh perspectives.”    

NAWC members are advancing water equity through efforts that uphold our Five Principles of Water Equity. As part of this initiative, NAWC actively conducts outreach and seeks to collaborate with outside groups, like the Aspen-Nicholas Institute, to make meaningful progress in achieving water equity. You can learn more about NAWC’s work to advance water equity at

For more information on the  Aspen Institute Energy and Environment Program and their Water Roundtable series, please visit Aspen Institute Energy and Environment Program (EEP) and

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