Press Release

NAWC Urges Water Industry Workers To Get Vaccinated

For immediate release:

PHILADELPHIA (September 17, 2021) – The National Association of Water Companies (NAWC), which represents water companies that collectively serve 73 million Americans, issued the following statement in support of worker safety and community health.

Throughout our 126-year history, NAWC’s member companies have been committed to providing communities with safe, reliable and equitable drinking water service.

We applaud our essential workers for keeping drinking water service uninterrupted to customers during this historic pandemic. NAWC remains steadfast in our commitment to do everything possible to protect and preserve the safety of our industry’s workers, in the field and the offices.

The destructive and highly contagious coronavirus Delta variant is driving a new wave of infections across the country. NAWC has a longstanding track record of advocating for workplace safety initiatives that help preserve public health and the overall quality of life in the communities we serve. In keeping with this tradition, we urge all water sector professionals to get vaccinated. Vaccines are proven to be highly effective and safe at combating COVID-19.

In order to beat this pandemic and save lives, we need to remain diligent and ensure the overall health and safety of our workforce – and a critical component of our safety protocols is getting vaccinated.

Having each of our water industry workers vaccinated is not a mandate nor a legislative edict, but rather a commitment to making sure our water industry remains vibrant and fully staffed to meet the day-to-day challenges of water and wastewater delivery.

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National Association of Water Companies (NAWC) member companies safeguard public health and promote environmental stewardship as they serve the water and wastewater needs of nearly 73 million Americans every day. NAWC members have an exceptional record of compliance with federal and state health and environmental regulations. Ensuring this high standard of quality requires extraordinary amounts of capital investment. The 10 largest NAWC member companies collectively invest nearly $3.7 billion annually to ensure their water infrastructure is well maintained and that safe and clean drinking water is available whenever needed. Learn more about NAWC and the companies we proudly represent at or follow on Twitter and LinkedIn.