Board of Directors

Board of Directors

* Member of Executive Committee

Donald J. Morissey* (Chair)

President, Aquarion Water Company

Karine Rouge* (Vice Chair)

Chief Executive Officer, Veolia North America

Arun Banskota

Chief Executive Officer, Algonquin Power & Utilities Group

Josiah Cox

President, Central States Water Resources

Maureen Duffy

SVP Communications & External Affairs, American Water

Ron Fleming

Chairman, President & CEO, Global Water Resources

Christopher Franklin*

Chairman & CEO, Essential Utilities

Andrew Gere*

President & COO, San Jose Water Company

Sherlock “Shockey” Gillet Jr.

President, Peoples Water Service Company

Joe Gysel

President, EPCOR USA

JT Hand

President & CEO, The York Water Company

Susan Hardwick*

President & CEO, American Water

Catherine Heigel

EVP & COO, Corix Regulated Utilities

Patrick J. Kerr

President & CEO, Baton Rouge Water Company

Jay L. Kooper, Esq.

VP, General Counsel & Secretary, Middlesex Water Company

Martin A. Kropelnicki*

President & CEO, California Water Service Group

Rob MacLean

President & CEO, SouthWest Water Company

Steve Meininger

VP, Global Operations Management & Facilities Services, Jacobs

Robert Nicholson*

President, San Gabriel Valley Water Company

Robert J. Sprowls

President & CEO, American States Water Company

Nicholle Taylor

President, Artesian Water Company