Customer Experience

Promotes robust customer-centric policies, programs and best practices spearheaded by water companies.

Fostering relationships

The Customer Experience Committee highlights the importance of the relationships between the utility providers and their customers – focusing on policies, technologies and training, establishing communications tools, and learning procedures to promote efficient and consistent customer service.

The Committee fosters information sharing among members and NAWC staff to document and promote customer-centric policies by regulated water companies. This supports creating a positive, data-driven narrative for advocacy, regulatory interactions and member growth opportunities.

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To accomplish these goals, the committee:


Educates the Board and NAWC members on customer experience innovations


Guides member discussions on effective customer service strategies using technology and innovation


Shares information among members and staff for a positive regulated water narrative


Gathers member data for customer sentiment and NAWC's advocacy


Researches tools for efficient customer service communication


Monitors communication and advocacy for effectiveness.


Identifies best practices to boost advocacy and public relations


Collaborates with other NAWC Committees to fulfill NAWC’s mission




Chelsie Carter
Director, Customer Experience, Central States Water Resources


Michelle Williams
Vice President of Communications and Customer Service, Connecticut Water

Nicki Taylor
President, Artesian Water

Dean Van Horne
Director of Customer Care, SouthWest Water Company

Theresa Baptiste
Director of Customer Service, Cal Water

Marie LeBlanc
Director of Customer Engagement, Baton Rouge Water

Rita Black
Director, Community Assistance Programs, Aqua America

Matt Chandler
Utilities Inc.

Don Morrissey
President, Aquarion

Lucy Teixeira
Vice President, Human Resources and Customer Services, Aquarion

Regina Cullado
Customer Service Manager, Golden State Water

Amy Matthews
Manager, Customer Care, EPCOR USA

H. Jeremy Kierman
Seniors Project Manager, American Water

Heather Doyle-Conley
VP of Customer Operations, Aqua

Douwe Busschops
Chief Information Officer, Veolia

Richard Rich
COO, SouthWest Water

Sarah Skaggs
Director Customer Operations, EPCOR USA