Safety, Security and Environmental

Drives constructive regulatory and legislative outcomes to help NAWC members provide customers with safe and reliable service at a good value.

Setting the standard

The Safety, Security and Environmental Committee showcases regulated water utilities’ leadership, compliance and industry standards.

It supplies information for accurate advocacy and growth support. The Committee is a hub for sharing best practices on safety, security and compliance, including emerging contaminants, system resiliency and disaster recovery.

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To accomplish these goals, the committee:


Shares information for safety, security and compliance best practices among NAWC members and staff


Educates the Board and NAWC on innovations for utilities' safety and compliance


Monitors communication, PR and advocacy to highlight sector's track record and member compliance


Develops mechanisms to gather and utilize safety, security and compliance data for both regulated and government-run utilities


Leads internal and external discussions on emerging water sector safety, security and environmental issues


Initiates cross-sector outreach for partnerships, resiliency strategies and coordinated messaging

NAIC's 2023 Water Crisis Report

NAIC's 2023 Water Crisis Report

The Committee ensures that NAWC has the information and data it needs to accurately portray regulated water in this context – a key component of advocacy around bolstering growth opportunities for members.

NIAC offers a wide range of recommendations aimed at enhancing the security of our nation’s critical water infrastructure, many of which have been top policy priorities for NAWC. From increasing access to federal funds and offering a permanent water affordability program to creating a national water strategy to address challenges and greater coordination at the federal level, implementing these recommendations will be beneficial to all Americans regardless of whether they are served by a municipal water provider or by a private water company.




Donald Schumacher
Superintendent of Operations, Connecticut Water Company


Terry Benton
Vice President, SouthWest Water Company

John Calkins
Director of Compliance, EPCOR Water (USA) Inc.

Richard Chang
Director of IT Security and CISO, California Water Service

John Childers
Director, Information Security, Essential Utilities, Inc.

Matthew J. Corson
Director, Environmental Compliance and Stewardship, American Water

Chris Crockett
Chief Environmental, Safety, and Sustainability Officer, Essential Utilities, Inc.

Mike Duncan
Senior Vice President, Central States Water Resources

Jeff Farney
Senior Vice President of IT, Southwest Water Company

Peter Fletcher
Senior Director, Cybersecurity IS, San Jose Water Company

Sophie James
Chief Water Quality Officer, California Water Service

Danielle Jouenne
Senior Counsel, Aqua America, Inc.

Patrick J Kerr
Chair, President and CEO, Baton Rouge Water Works Company

Mark McKoy
Vice President, Operations, Aqua America, Inc.

Abe Miller
Senior Manager, Health & Safety, EPCOR Water (USA) Inc.

Deborah Newby
Manager, Regulatory Compliance, Idaho Operations, Veolia North America

Keith Oldewurtel
Executive VP and COO, Veolia North America

Daryl Osby
VP, Emergency Prep, Safety & Security, California Water Service

Sunil Pillai
Vice President, Environmental Quality, Golden State Water Company

Kendra Rose
Director, Health, Safety & Environment, Corix Group of Companies

Nicholas Santillo
Jr., VP, Digital Infrastructure & Security, American Water

Roger Simmons
Chief Financial Officer, Baton Rouge Water

Tom Smutny
Manager, Information Technology Security, Corix Group of Companies

Andrew Stravitz
Director of IT Risk & Security, Veolia

Lisa Underhill
Director, IS Infrastructure Operations, EPCOR USA

Carol Vorster
VP & Chief Information Officer, Corix Group of Companies

Tim Williford
Vice President, Operations, Texas Utilities

Liaison (NAWC consultant/SME)

L. Vance Taylor
Catalyst Partners, LLC