Regulatory and Legislative

Drives constructive regulatory and legislative outcomes to help NAWC members provide customers with safe and reliable service at a good value.

Facilitating action

The Regulatory and Legislative Committee identifies and facilitates action that will advance the advocacy priorities of NAWC.

The Committee’s mission is to drive constructive regulatory and legislative outcomes that will help NAWC members provide customers with safe and adequate services at just and reasonable rates.

The Committee ensures that NAWC deploys the appropriate resources in support of key regulatory and legislative priorities in the states where members operate. As appropriate, the Committee also provides guidance to NAWC so that it may effectively advocate for issues at the federal level. As part of its advocacy efforts, the Committee works with the National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners (NARUC), the National Conference of State Legislators (NCSL) and the Council of State Governments (CSG).

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The committee consists of five subcommittees

Rates and Regulatory Subcommittee

The mission is to facilitate information sharing among members and advance key policy priorities related to regulatory initiatives and constructive rate-setting practices to ensure sustainable pricing, promote needed investment and encourage sector growth to better serve customers.

State Legislative Subcommittee

The mission is to identify legislative advocacy priorities for NAWC and achieve constructive legislative outcomes enabling customers to receive safe and adequate service at just and reasonable rates.

Community Engagement Subcommittee

The mission is to promote the regulated water industry by developing best practices that will increase overall confidence in regulated water supply and wastewater management companies through coordinated industry messaging to key stakeholders, engaging third-party allies and securing earned media.

Federal Affairs Subcommittee

The mission is to advance a federal legislative agenda that promotes the interests of NAWC’s member companies and those of the customers and communities they serve.

EPA Subcommittee

The mission is to provide strategic advice to NAWC members on existing and emerging federal environmental issues, provide input to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) on the development of regulations and other initiatives and share best practices with respect to environmental compliance. NAWC staff is responsible for generating and sharing with the Committee Chairs monthly reports summarizing recent and ongoing Committee work. Doing so bolsters coordination across committees and NAWC assures continued progress on regulatory and legislative priorities, and assists, as needed, in recalibrating the Committee structure, focus and/or resources.




Kim Joyce
VP Regulatory, Government Affairs and Corporate Secretary; Essential Utilities


Patrick Kerr
President and CEO, Baton Rouge Water Company

Marty Kropelnicki
President and CEO, California Water Service Group

Maureen Duffy
Vice President Communications and Federal Affairs, American Water

James Jenkins
Vice President Regulatory Services, American Water

Justin Skarb
Director Community Affairs and Government Relations, California Water Services Group

Christine Keck
VP of National Government and REgulatory Affairs, American Water

Dante DeStefano
Director, Regulatory Affairs, Corix

Debra Szabo
Director, Rates & Regulation, Aquarion

Chris Snow
Director, External Affairs, Sunshine Water Services

David Kralle
Chief of Staff & Director, Government Affairs & Foundation, Aqua

Gary Prettyman
Senior Director, Veolia

James Cagle
VP, Rates & Regulatory Affairs, Veolia

Jo Anna McMahon
VP, Central States Water Resources

Jon Freedman
SVP, Global Government Affairs, Veolia

Kim Joyce
VP, Regulatory, Government Affairs & Corporate Secretary, Aqua

Kirk Michael
CFO, SouthWest Water

Thomas Loquvam
General Counsel and VP, Public Policy, EPCOR

Louis Ruziecki
Government & Regulatory Affairs Specialist, American Water

Sandi Hennequin
VP, Government Affairs, Liberty

Mike Guastella
President, Daufuskie Island Utility Co.

Steve Lubertozzi
SVP, Rates, Regulatory & Legislative Affairs, Corix

Jay Kooper
Vice President, General Counsel and Secretary, Middlesex Water Company