NAWC provides multiple opportunities throughout the year for members to collaborate, share best practices and take collective action on topics of interest. One way we accomplish this is through our board member-led standing committees.

Customer Experience

Promotes robust customer-centric policies, programs and best practices spearheaded by water companies.


Chelsie Carter
Director, Customer Experience, Central States Water Resources

Douwe Busschops
Director, Customer Experience, SUEZ North America

Safety, Security and Environmental

Serves as a hub for members to share best practices and insights regarding how to improve their own safety, physical and cyber security, public health and environmental compliance.


Jeff Farney
Senior Vice President Information Technology, SouthWest Water Company

Human Resources

The Human Resources Committee serves as a crucial platform for industry human resource leaders in the water utility sector, offering a valuable space for professionals to share information, collaborate and expand their networks.


Ron Webb
Vice President and Chief Human Resource Officer, California Water Service

Regulatory and Legislative

Drives constructive regulatory and legislative outcomes to help NAWC members provide customers with safe and reliable service at a good value.


Kim Joyce
Vice President, Regulatory, Government Affairs & Corporate Secretary, Essential Utilities

Small/Midsize Systems

Enables NAWC members with small service territories to share best practices, develop collaborative solutions and create a unified voice to advocate for their unique interests and priorities.


Shockey Gillet
President, Peoples Water Service 

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