NAWC provides multiple opportunities throughout the year for members to collaborate, share best practices, and take collective action on topics of interest. One way we accomplish this is through our board member-led standing committees. The NAWC Board of Directors established the following standing committees:

Contract Operations

Facilitates conversation and collaboration for NAWC members that provide water services through operating agreements, public-private partnerships, and related arrangements with municipalities and other entities.

Chair: Stephane Bouvier, Chief Executive Officer, INFRAMARK

Vice Chair: Steve Meininger, SVP, Operations Management & Facilities Services, Jacobs

Promotes robust customer-centric policies, programs, and best practices spearheaded by water companies.

Chair: Michael Luu, VP, Customer Service & Chief Information Officer, California Water Service

Vice Chair: Douwe Busschops, Director, Customer Experience, SUEZ North America

Drives constructive regulatory and legislative outcomes to help NAWC members provide customers with safe and reliable service at a good value.

Chair: Aldie Warnock, SVP, External Affairs and Business Development, American Water

Vice Chair: Dave Kralle, Government Affairs Specialist, Aqua America

Ensures NAWC effectively conveys the leadership and proven compliance record of water and wastewater companies as well as their exemplary performance in exceeding industry standards.

Chair: Andy Gere, President and Chief Operating Officer, San Jose Water Company

Vice Chair: Donald Schumacher, Superintendent of Operations, Connecticut Water Company

Enables NAWC members with small service territories to share best practices, develop collaborative solutions, and create a unified voice to advocate for their interests and priorities.

Chair: Susan Suhanovsky, President, Torrington Water Company

Vice Chair: Shockey Gillet, President, Peoples Water Service, Inc.