NAWC 2023 Year in Review

2023 served to amplify the ever-growing infrastructure challenges the private, regulated water and wastewater industry is facing across the United States. NAWC and its member companies are operating in an era of unpredictability with high interest rates, supply chain constraints, regulatory modifications, legislative uncertainty and increasingly stringent environmental requirements.

The good news is that throughout 2023, NAWC proved time and again that the Association and its members are ready to lead on tackling these challenges – and more. Through it all, NAWC continued with its strong advocacy on behalf of our members through an ambitious legislative, regulatory, communications and programming agenda. As 2023 draws to a close, it is important to recognize the many strides that were made to expand our knowledge, networks and industry. 

NAWC maintained its steady pace of events and member services in 2023 that were designed to ensure that our members have the latest information and opportunities to develop valuable peer relationships. 

As part of our responsibility to customers and the environment, NAWC members continue to take the proactive steps necessary to make sure communities across the United States have safe, reliable drinking water and wastewater service. NAWC members also encourage change in the communities they serve with robust charitable giving, community engagement and the need for sustainable water infrastructure investment. 

Reflecting on the past and how that applies to the coming year, you will see that NAWC is better positioned now more than ever to be the most aggressive water infrastructure trade association in the nation. The reason I say that is because of the collective clout and leadership of our Board of Directors and the desire of our general membership to engage and drive policies that address important topics such as cybersecurity, infrastructure modernization, emerging contaminants, water equity and low-income assistance funding. 

NAWC is deeply committed to making sure policymakers at the federal, state and local levels understand the benefits of working with a private, regulated water utility. 

Since 1895, NAWC has represented the companies that 73 million Americans trust to engineer solutions that deliver safe, reliable and affordable water. This year has only served to reinforce the role safe and reliable water plays in our daily lives while emphasizing the importance of maintaining the affordability of this vital resource.

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