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NAWC is proud to support policies that promote access to safe and reliable water – for all households. Here, we provide accurate and timely information on important advocacy issues to inform your decision-making.

125 years of advocacy

The National Association of Water Companies (NAWC) represents regulated water and wastewater companies, as well as those partnering with municipal utilities. Water companies have been providing quality service for centuries, and NAWC has partnered with them for more than 125 years.

Today, water systems owned and operated by private companies deliver about 4.6 billion gallons of water to their customers every day. NAWC members maintain an exceptional record of compliance with federal and state health and environmental regulations. While the water and wastewater industry requires significant capital investment, NAWC companies use their ability to spread costs out and access investment dollars municipal systems cannot. All of this translates into NAWC member companies being able to provide water to our communities that is safer and more reliable than their counterparts.


Americans supported by NAWC member companies


Gallons of water delivered each day by water companies

Over $5B

Invested each year by NAWC's 15 largest members to improve water system quality and reliability across the country — Nearly half of what the federal government invests annually

Advocacy Priorities

Advancing Water Equity

The pandemic brought a renewed focus on the essential role water service plays in protecting public health.

At the same time, the economic fallout left more households struggling to pay their utility bills. These dual realities created an urgent focus on water equity.

NAWC is working to advance water equity through efforts that uphold our Five Principles of Water Equity, including collaborating with members of Congress to permanently fund a low-income water assistance program.

By investing in local communities’ infrastructure and funding low-income water assistance programs, we can ensure every American has access to this valuable resource.

At NAWC, we believe that unsafe water is unjust at any price. Take 30 seconds to advocate on behalf of low-income families and urge your members of Congress to support their right to access clean, safe water.