Living Water Award 2023 Nominee

A photo of Chris Graziano, a man with short dark hair and goatee, wearing a dark shirt.

Chris Graziano

Vice President/General Manager, Veolia

Chris was the architect of a groundbreaking customer conservation program that earned an Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) award for excellence in 2021.

After seven years, the program continues to evolve and develop new, unique partnerships that have influenced customers to redeem more than 12,000 rebates for water-efficient household devices like toilets and washing machines. Retailers like Home Depot, Lowe’s and Best Buy promote the program in-store.

In August 2022, Rockland County, NY, declared a water emergency with mandatory water use restrictions focused on reducing outdoor usage. The response from customers was impressive and usage was reduced by about 15% over the following month that resulted in mandatory restrictions being lifted in September. The high level of engagement from customers was directly attributable to the strong communication, education and local partnerships associated with Veolia’s customer conservation program.

“Chris has established himself as one of the most respected executives in our company while demonstrating a constant and extraordinary dedication and commitment to serving our customers and communities. New York’s award-winning customer conservation program is one of the many innovations that the New York team has developed under his leadership,” said Veolia Utility Division President Rodolphe Bouichou.