Living Water Award 2023 Nominee

Edward Reppucci

Phot of Edward Repucci, a man wearing a brown baseball cap and blue shirt.

Edward Reppucci

Senior Maintenance Mechanic, Aquarion Water Company

Even when not on-call, Edward is always available and regularly called upon by all of the operators, maintenance workers and distribution personnel for assistance and instruction during emergencies.

He will check the distribution system for problems on a daily basis to ensure everything is running smoothly and the public health is protected. He’s always calm in emergencies and readily drops everything to help minimize disruption in the system.

Edward is integral to Aquarion. He regularly offers his advice and expertise to help management form decisions. His work benefits not only the work team, but the community. Edward is always friendly and professional when interacting with customers during emergencies when they are most in need of information, comfort and assurance. He has often changed an initially angry customer to a disposition of joy with laughter and confidence in the water company’s services.

“Edward is the most dedicated person in the department, and perhaps the entire company, regularly putting his own tasks aside to help others. I, and every other operator, maintenance mechanic and distribution worker can always count on him for emergency help or guidance regardless of the day or time. His pleasantness maintains comradery and always keeps the team in good spirits, regardless of the pressure and stress of the situation,” said Aquarion Water Company Chief Water Treatment Plant Operator Rose Furino.