Living Water Award 2023 Nominee

Jesse Medina

Photo of Jesse Medina, a man wearing a brown baseball cap and white t-shirt over a black long sleeve shirt.

Jesse Medina

Plant Manager II, Cal Water

Jesse had been pulling water samples from water wells and was driving around the canal in his community when he came across a man trying to get his distressed dog out of the water.

Jesse stopped, pulled a push broom from his truck and gave it to the man to try to hook his dog, but she kept floating past. The two men scrambled down the road to try to get ahead of the fast-moving water. When Medina turned around, he realized the man, too, was now in the water. Jesse quickly got in his Cal Water truck to get ahead of them, grabbed a garden hose and threw it out to the man. The man was able to grab hold of the garden hose, and Jesse pulled them both to safety.

“I just want to say thanks so much for saving my life – my life and Lucy’s life,” said Frank Lauro, embracing Jesse. “We owe you one.” Not all heroes wear capes, this one just happens to wear a Cal Water logo.