Living Water Award 2023 Nominee

Jim Mastrokalos

A portrait of Jim Mastrokalos, a man with short dark hair wearing a dark blazer, light blue shirt, and pink patterned tie.

Jim Mastrokalos

Operations Senior Director, Veolia

For over 30 years, Jim has demonstrated extraordinary dedication and accomplishment within Veolia, including foundation for leadership and unwavering priority to Veolia’s mission of ecological transformation and social responsibility.

Jim has oversight for approximately 85 employees located across New Jersey. In addition to required duties for developing long-term operational strategies to meet company objectives, he has distinguished himself with his integrity, compassion and professionalism, specifically taking steps beyond his position to lead the engineering team for almost two years where a vacancy still exists.

Jim has filled a gap, rolled with unexpected changes and challenges, led the engineering department, and became an instant quarterback for the team – while encouraging champions along the way. He has prioritized collaboration on a daily basis, while providing oversight for millions of dollars in infrastructure replacements and facility rehabilitations.

“Jim is an exemplary individual and leader who has made significant contributions to the success of our division. He always lends support in our efforts to succeed, is positive, encouraging and effective. He has an excellent working relationship with regulators and local government officials and rises to every occasion, never hesitating to help,” said Veolia Environment, Health and Safety Manager Dorren McNichols.